Wildflower Limited Edition Cases for iPhone 11 Pro


CUSTOM FIT: Handmade, designed and tailored to spec for the one and only iPhone 11 Pro. This case is precisley sculpted with openings for iPhone 11 Pro cameras, charger port, and allows easy and comfortable access to all tactile buttons on the phone. STYLISH AND PROTECTIVE: Open mold design compatible strictly with iPhone 11 Pro. Encased in a durable protective black rubber bumper to add all-around protection from those dreaded phone drops. JEWELED:?with our custom signature silver?WF logo, one-of-a-kind, limited edition truly hand-crafted phone case. UNIQUE: Every Wildflower case is hand made and may include slight imperfections and no two cases are exactly alike, making every Wildflower case unique just like you! AUTHENTIC: Majdell Group is the exclusive seller of Authentic Wildflower products.


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